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Government ministers present award to Weidmüller as exemplary advocates of climate protection

Berlin / Detmold 01.03.2013 | "Exceptional innovative power in respect of climate protection"

Weidmüller has been presented with an award in Berlin for the company's innovative approach to climate protection. Harald Vogelsang, CFO, accepted the award from Peter Altmaier, Minister for the Environment and Philipp Rösler, Minister of Economics and Technology during a ceremony to mark the occasion.
"We are very proud of this award," declares a happy Vogelsang. "It is not just the reward for the operational and consistent implementation of our own environmental protection goals but it is also a thank you for a great deal of visionary work." Working ecologically and sustainably is not just a fad for Weidmüller. "Since the end of the 1970s, we have been operating our own environmental management scheme at Weidmüller," continues Vogelsang.
From left to right: Philipp Rösler, Minister of Economics and Technology, Harald Vogelsang, Weidmüller CFO, and Hans Heinrich Driftmann, President of DIHK, at the ceremony.
Only companies in Germany who through their outstanding innovations are at the vanguard of climate protection and energy efficiency can bear the title of Climate Protection Company. This policy of innovation is consistently pursued and adjusted if necessary, as part of a voluntary obligation. "As a result, we have managed to drive down our CO2 emissions by some 20% in just a few years," explains Vogelsang, who is fully committed to continuing down this well-trodden path.
The consortium of Climate Protection Companies has set itself a goal of lobbying business and politics to get them to deploy ambitious climate goals. Greenhouse gas emissions from industrialised nations should by reduced by 40% by 2020 and by at least 80% by 2050, compared to 1990 values. "Particularly as a family-run company, we at Weidmüller are very conscious of our responsibility to society at large and to the environment," stresses Vogelsang. "The subject of sustainability in all its facets is firmly anchored in the corporate strategy and is an active part of our everyday work."
One of the things the Detmold-based electronics manufacturer convinced the jury with, was a heat recovery system that, by using the waste heat produced by the machinery, made it unnecessary to install a heating system in their new production facility. "The result was that we were able to heat 11,000 m2 using just a tenth of the energy prescribed by the statutory regulations," explains Vogelsang. In his opinion, Weidmüller is following the right course when it comes to energy efficiency and climate protection. "We have already achieved a great deal in this respect at Weidmüller, but we still plan to do a lot more," says the Board Member. "The label Climate Protection Company is both an award and an incentive for us at the same time."