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A nova geração de multímetros e aparelhos de teste by Weidmüller

Já aprovados de acordo com a nova legislação.

A two-pole voltage tester can be found in every electrician's basic tool kit because it is the only test instrument for establishing the absence of voltage that fully complies with occupational safety regulations.
The updated standard for two-pole voltage testers (DIN VDE 0682-401:2011, DIN EN-61243-3:2010) came into effect on 1 May, 2010 and has a three-year transition period. We've acted without delay and already ensured that all our voltage testers comply with the newest standard. All six testers have been certified by TÜV and GS.
 Zweipoliger Spannungsprüfer

Product features

 Großer Messbereich von 5 bis 690V
Wide measuring range
The voltage testers can be used anywhere thanks to their large measuring range from 5 to 690 V.  DC and AC are detected automatically.
 Integrierter Lichtsensor
Integrated light sensor
A light sensor determines the ambient light conditions and activates the background lighting when it gets dark. This extends the battery life considerably.
 Lastzuschaltung/ FI auslösen
Load activation / leakage current trigger
A two-way button is used to activate a load which can trigger a 30-mA RCD circuit breaker or prevent inductive reactive power. This prevents the RCD circuit breaker from being triggered accidentally during a test.
 Ergonomisches Design
Ergonomic design
The test probe has a unique interlocking mechanism which improves the usability and functionality of the tool.
 Schutzklasse IP65
IP65 protection
The voltage tester's enclosure provides all-round protection against water jets and complete sealing against dust –  so that it can be used under all conditions.
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