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Reliable emergency shut-down

Products for use in safety systems


Safety is a condition where one is at the highest possible state of being free from danger. Whoever wants to create such a situation in a processing plant needs to have a reliable partner at their side. Weidmüller produces products that are precisely tailored for use in safety systems to ensure functional safety.


SIL3-certified safety relays

Our new SAFESERIES safety relay is suitable for both Low- and High-Demand-Mode applications and is certified to meet the safety requirement level SIL 3 by TÜV Nord according to EN 61508. These advantages allow our safety relays to be used as tailor made product solutions for emergency shut-down and back-up systems in the process industry.

 VARITECTOR SPC and SSC families

SIL3-certified surge protection

The TÜV also certifies Weidmüller’s surge protection components which make up the VARITECTOR SPC and SSC families. These components can be used by process plant operators to reliably protect against damage resulting from a direct or indirect lightning strike. High-quality individual components when combined result in a reliable signal protection solution.


PRV marshalling terminal blocks

In process control systems there are more and more sensor and actuator signals which need to be protected, separated, changed and switched. One of the most important characteristics of a marshalling and distributions solution today is that it should be able to cope with processing the highest number of signals in the smallest of spaces in a way that is clearly arranged. We meet this requirement with our PRV series that is today’s most compact marshalling and distribution solution in the world with PUSH IN direct connection technology.