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Your machines are distributed widely

Our signal processing is covering also large distances

Complex production processes mean that you have to coordinate lots of individual processing stages. Numerous sensors and actuators throughout the production facility are connected with the central control system. And in many cases, you have to bridge huge distances and process a large number of different signals.
Weidmüller’s SAI Active product range equips you for this production process chain in a practical way. Thanks to IP 67-rated encapsulation, the remote I/O systems can be positioned directly, where sensors and actuators are active. The SAI-PRO variants with sub-bus system or SAI Wireless also greatly increase your flexibility: the sub-bus system SAI-PRO can be extended to a length of up to 50 m with up to 15 modules. Up to 120 inputs or outputs are therefore possible on one field bus node. Use the SAI Wireless system to connect hard-to-reach, moving parts of the facility. Precisely and without interference.
Various versions of encapsulated SAI cables make the sensors and actuators accessible. You can also route field bus cables straight from the switch cabinet with the energy supply lines using modular, heavy-duty plug-in connectors of the RockStar® Concept. This allows you to integrate several stages of production into your production facility with just one single module.
Other benefits of the SAI family include a direct interface to your PLC programming environment and precise error analyses with visual status display. Let’s connect.
Remote I/O IP67 SAI Active
  • Efficient engineering by direct integration into standard PLC system engineering
  • Freedom of choice by variants for common fieldbus types
  • Rapid identification of failure causes by providing enhanced diagnostic data
  • 50 % cost reduction by flexible sub-bus concept
  • Analog inputs and outputs have freely configurable analog value
  • The wireless module can operate up to 96 wireless cells in parallel without interference
Sensor actuator cabling
  • Broad range of leadership qualities

  • Free attachable connectors with screw connection up to crimp versions

  • Customized versions and lengths from 1 piece

  • 360 degree shielding

  • Many types from stock